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How to enjoy
an organic tea from Kitamura

General Brewing Process:

Brewing green tea process might be a little complicated but using the proper technique will fully attain the best taste and flavor of Japanese Green tea.

Let’s learn how to brew the perfect cup of Japanese green tea and make your teatime more enjoyable!


STEP 1: “Choose your favorite green tea”

Green Tea comes in many different varieties such as Sencha, Houjicha, Matcha, Genmaicha and so on. In choosing your favorite green tea, make sure to match your feelings. Make sure that green tea leaves’ condition, colors and aroma are suitable for you. The shape of green tea leaves is varied so touch them, feel them, smell them and then pick your favorite one.


STEP 2: “Choose tea ware for brewing tea leaves”

In order to brew flavorful green tea, it is important to choose the right tea pot (Kyusu) and tea cup (Yunomi). Tea ware comes in many different varieties, just like green tea leaves. In choosing your tea ware, keep in mind the flavor may be affected depending on the tea ware you choose even if you use the same tea leaves. You may also be able to visually enjoy tea ware as many have artistic value.


STEP 3: “Boiling water”

When brewing green tea, it is recommended to use soft water. Tap water in Japan is acceptable for brewing green tea, however it is better to boil tap water for 3~5 minutes to remove chlorine scent of tap water which would affect the tea flavor. Water plays an important factor to enjoy the excellent flavor of Japanese green tea.


STEP 4: “Manage appropriate temperature”

Water temperature vary depending on the individual types of tea. The temperature of the water and waiting time affect your taste preference. Sometimes it is better to brew the water at a low temperature to enhance the sweetness and avoid any bitter taste. On the other hand, when you wish to enjoy tanin flavor, it is better to brew with high temperature water.

To adjust water temperature, pour boiling water into teacup or water cooler (Yuzamashi) first, then pour the water into tea pot along with green tea leaves.

How to enjoy Roasted Tea (Hoji-cha)

To fully enjoy the roasted full flavor aroma of Houji-cha, it is better to brew Houji-cha with boiling water and wait about 30 seconds. Houji-cha contains fewer caffeine so everyone including children and elderly person will be able to enjoy it.


(For 3 people)

  • Roasted Tea (Hoji-cha) 9g
  • Boiling water 390ml



  • Tea cup (200ml)
  • Earthenware tea pot (600ml)
  • Tea spoon
  • Timer


<How to brew>

  1. It is better to use thick tea ware because you pour boiling water. Pour hot water into tea pot and discard the water to make tea pot warm.
  2. Place one tablespoon (about 3g) of Houji-cha into tea pot.
  3. Pour boiling water at once and place on the lid , then wait about 30 seconds.
  4. Pour tea from the tea pot into each tea cup alternately little by little, so that the quality and taste of the tea is equal in each cup. Make sure to pour all of the tea out from the tea pot until the last drop.