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Organic Tea Set with Sharp Tea-Ceré Matcha Maker

Tea-Ceré does much more than matcha. It can also grind and brew other teas. In addition to making delicious tea, versatile matcha powder can be used as an ingredient in a wide range of recipes from sweet to savory.

This set includes:

A Smart Choice

Sharp Tea-Ceré makes enjoying delicious, authentic Japanese matcha easier. The traditional brewing process of this tea is very labor-intensive. Created in consultation with leading Japanese tea experts, Sharp Tea-Ceré preserves the traditional Japanese preparation process for authentic matcha but with none of the hassle.

Tea-Ceré: TE-T56URD

  • Automatically prepares up to four cups
  • Preserves traditional Japanese process
  • Makes many kinds of tea
  • Space-saving, sleek design

    First, Tea-Ceré grinds tea leaves into fine powder—the only one on the market to do so—preserving the traditional Japanese method for authentic matcha.


    Next, adjust the amount of matcha powder to your taste, and Tea-Ceré boils water and brews your tea—hot or cold.


    Tea-Ceré whisks the tea for you. Enjoy authentic matcha with no physical strain. Relax and let Tea-Ceré do the work.


    Tea-Ceré can prepare up to four cups of delicious matcha at once, so you can share a cup with friends.

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