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Kitamura Tea Review - Matcha Green Tea

It's truly a tea you can drink every day knowing it will never become ordinary.

There was a time when there was only thick forest, rocks and our Big Dream!

Making sure that you are preparing your tea in a correct way; using a non-porous vessel to brew in; bringing filtered water to a boil and letting it cool to 160-175°F or 60-80°C; using 1 1/2 tsp per 8 oz heated water; brewing no more than one minute for the first of three infusions, you are ready to enjoy a fragrantly rich and fresh cup. As you fill your tiny cup with the pale green liqueur of this brew you'll see a waft of vapor. The taste will be silky and smooth with a bare hint of astringency. Though you may not be given to meditation, the concentration of theanine in this tea not only brings the umami we crave but also has a tendency to slip you into a contemplative mood of mindfulness and presence.

I can say that this tea makes any day special because though matcha may be too precious for everyday indulgence, the benefits are not! Drinking a combination of quality matcha and quality Sencha is a privilege you can easily justify. You will receive all the wonderful benefits of green tea fortified with the nobility of matcha. This elegant tea beautifully transforms your space into a tearoom in one and a half minutes flat. It's truly a tea you can drink every day knowing it will never become ordinary.

— Ajnira Laurie Bloom
Montclair, New Jersey


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